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Guildford Music Society
Founded some twenty years ago to encourage the love of serious music especially amongst the young, we provide live music in different genres performed by highly gifted professional artistes, many of whom have international recognition.   Probably no other local venue provides such recitals on a regular basis throughout the year and at a very reasonable expense.

Why travel to London when this quality of musical satisfaction can be found so close to home?


Guildford United Reformed ChurchGuildford United Reformed Church

The United Reformed Church inherits the traditions of the Congregational, Presbyterian and Churches of Christ. At a bi-Monthly Church meeting members discuss issues, agree policy and determine action affecting the life of the Church.

Members elect Elders who are ordained to serve with the Minister in leadership and pastoral care of the congregation.   Our premises have access and facilities for disabled people.
Guildford United Reformed Church is a medium-sized Church with an active congregation involved in a wide variety of outreach work. We have an inclusive outlook which embraces a broad range of theological standpoints. Together with the ‘relaxed formality’ of our worship this gives us a distinctive role in the Christian outreach in our area of the town.

Our faith may be 2,000 years old but our thinking is 21st Century.
Whoever you are and wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.


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